Cancer 69 Sun Tea Blend


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Organic: Skullcap, Hibiscus Flower, Hawthorn Leaf + Flower + Berry, Orange Peel

Our Cancer blend responds to balancing mania, nervous system replenishment, giving space + time. It is cooling, centering, full flavor, and ultra-hydrating. It has an affinity for the tender heart and it’s resilience, becoming familiar with our true reserves. In nod to Traditional Chinese Medicine suggestions this formula also aims to support absorption in the small intestine, thus supporting the power of digestion, and proper funneling of fuel for the body.

We think of Cancer season and think of hard wired retractive nervous system responses, “it’s fine – it’s not fine” feelings, and perhaps a tendency to internalize stress or anger. Our friend and astrologer Leah says that Cancer rules the chest, stomach, womb and breasts — so really the center of our being. Grounding into our center in a nourishing way will be extra helpful.” And this is what this tea intends to address.

Available during Cancer season.

Cancer Sun Blend is a part of our Monthly Sun Tea Collection. As we cycle through the year we align our tea recipes in respect to what zodiac sign the sun is in with respect to the organ systems of the season as well.