Cancer 69 Sun Tea



Organic: Chrysanthemum, Hawthorn Leaf + Flower, Skullcap, Blue Butterfly Pea, Hibiscus Flower

This tea addresses tendencies to internalize stress or anger. Call it a tonic for not blowing up or crashing on loved ones. Cancer rules the chest, stomach, womb and breasts — so really the central waterhouse of our compass, and the sacred places we protect. Grounding into our reservoirs in a cooling and go-with-the-flow way will be extra helpful with emotional heat. This is what this tea intends to address. Move from your cool and calm center and keep flowing!

Our Cancer Monthly Tea blend carries gifts for balancing crossed wires & second guessing yourself. We’re talking about giving your nervous system replenishment, space + time. It is cooling, centering, full flavor, and ultra-hydrating. It has an affinity for the tender heart and the inherent resilience and creativity that comes from fully feeling, this is how we stay familiar with our true reserves.

Chrysanthemum, Hawthorn Leaf + Flower, Skullcap, Blue Butterfly Pea,  Hibiscus Flower

Available during Cancer season only. We make a limited supply and that’s it!

Cancer Sun Blend is a part of our Monthly Sun Tea Collection. As we cycle through the year we align our tea recipes in respect to what zodiac sign the sun is in with respect to the organ systems of the season as well.