Leo Sun Tea



Our Leo Tea is meant to let the bright heart shine, to help keep you cool and hawt 😉

Leos are the only sign ruled by the Sun, let’s drink it up while it’s here!

Organic Ingredients: Passionflower Blossom, Schisandra Berry, Peach Leaf, Tulsi, Hawthorn leaf, berry, and flower.

An excerpt for this tea from our dear astrologer friend and collaborator, Leah of Chthonic Astrology ~

“Leo is playful, radiant, performative, lusty, + joyful. A sense of joy and play is hopefully at the center of our lives, like the sun is the center of our solar system.

Leo rules the heart, spine, and cardiac system. It is the only sign that is ruled by the Sun — this feels important. This is such a solar time of year, solar energy is our life force, our creative yang consciousness. Overly activated sol can also be draining and depleting…obviously we live this in TX in July/August but also can be felt in Leo season when everything just get so ACTIVATED. I love that the passionflower is home grown (very Cancer evolving into Leo) and “passion” is such a Leo word/concept. Instincts say anything that nourishes the heart and cardiac system, even energetically, and cools us down so that we can access/have space for the joy, is what we want!

My prayer for Leo season is that we remember to gather strength from our hearts, and let our loving radiance be our guiding light towards change <3 <3 <3″ – Leah