Scorpio Sun Tea


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Scorpio is the most saucy watery sign. It come in a season of pungency. It rules the reproductive system, sex organs, bowels, & excretory system. To some degree – we gotta be relaxed for these bodily systems to function with blessings. The energies of this time exemplify the art of mindfulness in the primal realm, the domain of sex, death, shadow work, and psychedelia. This is a bad to the bone time to check in with your sense of empowerment, your pleasure centers, & your inner freak. This tea will entice you to howl at the moon, circulate warmth in your pelvis, & mellow your mind.

Hubba Hubba. It’s intoxicatingly beautiful.

Find in it: Shatavari Root, Damiana, Star of Anise, Blue Lotus, & Cinnamon.

This tea is limited edition and will last either through Scorpio season or until sold out. The herbs in our Monthly Teas are determined by our own garden’s harvest and what we have available. There is a true syncing of the seasons at play.