Pisces Sun Tea


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We have formulated our Pisces Astrolotea to help shift the brain waves from Beta (mental alertness) to Theta (meditation & dreaming). We stay close to home as we look to the waves for inspiration – choosing Blue Butterfly Pea to amplify the blue oceanic water element & collective consciousness powers of Pisces, affecting the pineal gland. Though Pisces is an imaginative sign, the imbalance can float too far away from reality. So, we have included Mugwort as a main balancing ally to help sober the lofty floating dreamstate and put down an anchor in reality. Mugwort also enhances energetic boundary support. As empathetic water signs, Pisces could use a little help with boundaries & grounding. Lavender is astringent & calming, helping to relax overly moody states of mind & body and depressive tendencies. Nutritive & grounding chickweed, most importantly, is going to help our water body, the lymphatic system, cleanse itself and shift towards vibrant Spring just around the bend.

Organic ingredients: chickweed, lavender, blue butterfly pea, mugwort

This tea is limited edition and will last either through Pisces season or until sold out. The herbs in our Monthly Teas are determined by our own garden’s harvest and what we have available. There is a true syncing of the seasons at play.