Virgo Sun Tea Blend


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The sign of Virgo rules the digestive system which also means the abdomen, stomach, intestines, and the spleen. One of the most health conscious of all signs with an instinctive intuition about their well being, Virgos represent being in tune with our gut feelings or gut instincts. Virgo’s function in the astrological cycle is breaking things down into little pieces and refining them – sorting the wheat from the chaff. They have an inherent eye for detail and are one of the hardest workers there is. Being sure of themselves, they have the gift of putting in the work to build the harvest and succinctly knowing what to do with it! They’re also the co-ruler (along with Gemini) of the nervous system so we have included a bit of a reminder in this formula to get down into the body and out of the heady long term space Virgos can occupy. This sign falls in the end of summer which in Chinese medicine, is stomach/spleen, and calls us to lend time to digesting and assimilating our experiences into wisdom, finding a healthy routine, and getting our metabolism on tract.

Insight into our recipe:
Violets: Complementary to the spleen and softening to the rigidity that can be present in the orderly Virgo a tendency to feel a tautness in the Nervous System and beautiful but sharp vision. *The current batch of Virgo Sun Tea has Prickly Pear Cactus substituted for Violet. We hand-harvested and dehydrated the cactus pads. Cactus is an anitinflammatory and soothing and hydrating digestive aide. We picked up this process from the cactus queen – April of Love Your Mother Apothecary!
California Poppy: this plant can be a huge aide for people who run high strung and can help ease the mind body split. It can help with too much physical stimulus and aides with the anxiety from self imposed pressure of “I must”.
Red Clover: is very grounding in energy, a nutritive high in minerals and vitamins. It is helpful to let the summer go! Let it go! A nice alkalizing blood cleanser. It can help replenish people depleted by anxiety.
Thai Basil: is cooling and smoothing to emotions and acts as a liver aide, wonderful for the digestive system and a calm cool collected state of being. It is growing resiliently right now. It gives this tea a memorable flavor and reminds us of soup, soup does wonders for assimilating nutrients! A good reminder to switch the diet up soon to suit the season.
Burdock: Stimulates digestive enzymes and bile secretion. Balancing blood sugar levels alwways helps digestion along! this can help with stuck energy, constipation,and can be cleansing to the colon. It stimulates nerve muscles to squeeze and move feces through. A weak gut will not shove it through.

This tea overall has an anti inflammatory effect. Inflammation may be present in the body right now as a result of stuck heat, end of summer burn out, etc. A smart and pivotal tea for the times. You can count on this tea to show up for you and give you some reliable and stabilizing support.

Organic Ingredients: Red Clover, Thai Basil, Cactus Pad, Burdock Root, California Poppy

This tea is a limited edition and will last either through Virgo season or until sold out. The herbs in our Monthly Teas are determined by our own garden’s harvest and what we have a available, so there is a true syncing of the seasons at play.