Virgo Sun Tea Blend




Virgos (earth angels), such hard workers, warriors of service, and impeccable with prayers for the collective. They are usually the ones still going. One of the most health conscious of all signs, with an instinctive intuition about well being, you can expect them to show us a thing or two about solid routine. Sorting the wheat from the chaff with an inherent eye for detail, they are hailed as keen eyed and knowing what to do with the details. They represent the digestive system, breaking things down into little pieces and refining them.

This tea is here to oil the digestive gears and coax your hot wires aka nervous system. It is a beautiful blend to help keep you on point, assimilate your nutrients and your experiences. It is also a wise time, in the clear light of the moon, to harness the power of ritual that will serve you well!

While enjoying this tea, we invite you to tune into the clarity driven by gut instinct and replenish gut health at the same time.

It’s available only during Virgo season so head on over to work with these qualities or bless your favorite special earth angel Virgo. And if anything, send gratitude to your dear Virgo spirits now. They are not thanked enough!

Organic: Chamomile, marshmallow root, fennel seed, coriander seed, & burdock root