Herbal Consultations

In these consultations, Brandi will design a custom health plan that meets you where you are at.

It involves plants, food, and other healing techniques to support your innate resilience in mind, body, & spirit.

Earth Commons Founder & Clinical Energetic Herbalist

Brandi Jo Perkins

Brandi is a clinically trained and certified Energetic Herbal Practitioner. She offers holistic consultations through the lens of folk healing. Join her for a laid back atmosphere and enjoy a relaxing tea and we discuss your life, quite candidly. You may want to schedule a consult for any number of reasons. These consults are designed to interact with the whole body-mind-spirit so you can come for any number of reasons, it’s all connected. Consults will produce with a custom herbal formula along with a protocol that works on addressing core imbalance(s). Expect to explore healing through natural remedies & lifestyle choices. You will find an opportunity to view your patterns & lean into re-patterning what you can so that you are existing in your unique optimum homeostasis or vitality. We will work together towards you feeling in sync with your true nature, with the assistance of herbs, energetic support, and life style choices.

Brandi works through the lens of Folk Herbalism, Yoga Instruction, & is primarily an Educator. She completed the Clinical Herbalist programs at the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine with Nicole Telkes, and The Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine with Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes of the Herbal Highway. She also studied with Ginger Webb at Sacred Journey School of Herbalism, Thomas Easely of the Ecclectic School of Herbal Medicine, Alchemist Esther Shroeder of Essentia Organica, Margi Flint of Earth Song Herbals, & Maria Elena. She has been practicing as an herbalist for close to ten years now.  As a yoga teacher for over 9 years she often intertwines somatic practices, body awareness, and breath work within her consults. She has dialed in much of her time pursuing Organic Skin Care, Nutrition, Yoga, Trauma Informed Trainings, and Somatic Body Work. She currently creates a line of plant based skin care products and offers apothecary services under the name Ritual Union and she is the primary formulator for Earth Commons products.

She is also currently a student in the Practice Yoga Austin Yoga Therapy program.

Co-founder of Earth Commons Community Wellness & Apothecary.

To schedule a consult send an email to ourearthcommons@gmail.com


Types of consultations

Private Herbal Consult

This initial appointment includes one custom formula and a detailed protocol. Have a cup of tea and discuss your life.

This session is generally between 2 – 2.5 hours.

Cost: $140

To schedule a consult send an email to ourearthcommons@gmail.com


Have you already had an initial consult? If so, choose this option, and we will pick up where we left off. We will check-in and work on adjusting your previous protocol. The tea over chat is still included if in person!

Follow-ups are generally 1 hour. Formulas are an additional charge.

Cost: $75

To schedule a consult send an email to ourearthcommons@gmail.com

Consultation Bundles

This Consultation Bundle includes an initial 2 hour consultation and three 1 hour follow-ups. The third follow-up is free!

This is the best way to work one-on-one and get a deal! The bundle is good measure in cultivating accountability, understanding yourself, and helps us understand how I can best serve you. Accountability is a virtue when getting to the heart of the matter and addressing long term change. It feels good to commit this self care to yourself, right?

The first session includes one complimentary custom formula with a detailed protocol/health plan. All supplementary formulas and refills are additional costs. After three follow-ups, we will discuss the next steps.

Cost: $290

To schedule a consult send an email to ourearthcommons@gmail.com

Energetic Consults with Flower Essences & Nerve Support

These consults are wholistic, intended to support whole self balance and well being. This is a gentle approach to working with your own energetic imprints and the patterns circulating in the psychosomatic body. These consults focus exclusively on energetic plant medicine, essences, & nerve support. They can be helpful for emotional / spiritual resilience.

This is for those who want to work with their growth edges, are in need of recovery, are looking for assistance in regards to stressful situations, or need support through ongoing changes. Brandi offers these consults because she believes in the messaging of subtle plant medicine.  Emotional well-being is an essential component of physical health in the body.

These consults are designed to meet you where you are at. Brandi’s provides a space for you to navigate your current challenges and get clear on your needs. You will be matched with plant medicine specifically based on your unique self and situation.

These consults are private and confidential. They are an hour long and available for walk-ins on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 12-5 pm. You may call in advance to reserve your spot or simply come in and request a walk-in consult.

Cost: $70

To schedule a consult send an email to ourearthcommons@gmail.com

Speed Consult

Schedule a quick 15 minute conversation with a clinical herbalist.

Brandi can help guide you and create a custom herbal formulation just for you! This is a much better option than relying on hearsay or Google. She can help dial in what herbs are right for you and/or help decide what you have in your house that may be helpful.

Cost: $25

To schedule a consult send an email to ourearthcommons@gmail.com


Brandi is open to sliding scale options if you are in need. Please send an email to ourearthcommons@gmail.com so we can discuss if you are in need.