Building Our Resources

In an effort to demystify healthcare and maintain accessibility, we are building an online database for alternative healthcare resources in Austin.


If you would like to be added to our list or have any recommendations please email us at [email protected].

Integrative Clinics

Wiseman Family Practice
Central Texas Family Practice
People of Color Healers: An extensive list/resource of herbalists and practitioners of color throughout the US.
Austin Health Commons: a 501c3 non-profit community organization working to build a new way for our community to achieve health through community ownership of health and health care; root cause community healing; and access to holistic care
Texas Transgender Alliance resource guide: “If you are a trans-affirming provider, agency or group and want to be listed, OR if you are listed and want to change/delete the information shown, please contact us at [email protected]

Facing East

Facing East Therapy is a holistic psychotherapy practice run by Emmy Laursen, based in Austin, Texas. Emmy currently offers services to adults integrating and processing lived trauma and/or suffering from biological (attachment) or natural (industrialization) maternal disconnection. If this sounds like you, you found the right place.


Child Birth

Black Mamas ATX: A group of everyday women dedicated to an extraordinary movement to save the lives of Black mothers.
Whole Women’s Health: Affordable Abortion Care At Home or In Clinic
Mama Sana Vibrant Woman: Free pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support for women of color in Austin.
Birthwise Birth Center

Urgent/Emergency Clinics

Minute Clinics, NextCare, Urgent Cares, Emergency Rooms.
Note on stand alone Emergency Rooms– they are far more expensive so be sure it is connected to a hospital


People’s Pharmacy
Nau’s Drug

Domestic Violence & Generational Poverty

Saffron Trust Women’s Foundation

Therapist / Counselor A great database. Offers search functionality for location, gender, ethnicity, cost, and more
Claire McKay, MA

Other holistic practitioners: Spiritual Coaching

Mary Ayodele: Prophetess, spiritualist, and Herbalist in Houston Texas
Listen to her podcast!

Jennifer Holbrook Master’s in counseling & Reiki Master focuses on Space & Personal Clearings, Spiritual Coaching in Austin Texas

Channeled Readings, Healing, & Dream Interpretation

Thunder Enlightening with Katherine Curtis

Central TX Holistic Healthcare Acupuncture

Rosewood Acupuncture
Neighborhood Acupuncture Project

Ayurvedic Specialists

Wahneta Trotter at Satmya Ayurveda
Ayurveda South Austin

Other Central Texas Apothecaries

Sacred Moon Herbs
The Herb Bar

Anti-Racist Action

Anti-Oppression Google Doc: This is the holy grail of information.
Anti-Racism Google Doc: Thorough anti-racist resource with dynamic multimedia education tools plus easy action links.

Domestic Violence

Survived and Punished: End the criminalization of survivors of domestic violence.
Creativity Interventions Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Stop Interpersonal Violence within communities


12 Step Fellowships
Adult Children of Alcoholics or Dysfunctional Families ACA Austin Meetings
Al-Anon Austin Meetings
Alcoholics Anonymous Hill Country Inner Group Listings

Donation Yoga Studios

Practice Yoga Austin

Local Fantastic Sourdough Bread

Hello Bread