Libra Sun Tea Blend



This inspiring & balancing tea blend is here to support all people moving through Libra season. It is formulated during this Venusian season to please the senses – the color of the tea calls spark to the eyes, the scent plays in the spirit, and the taste is a love. This charming tea is none other than the delight of a Libra at their best and will surely touch you with its warm embrace. If you need a friend, this one is loyal.

Libra is an Air sign, ruling the skin, endocrine, (lower back) lumbar region, butt, & kidneys.

Tulsi works with the endocrine system and is partial to harmonizing & balancing the body, mind, & spirit. It nobly interacts with the hypothalamus gland to create an influential cascade throughout the hormonal system. Your thoughts totally effect your body! Tulsi is a divine plant spirit that encourages divine balance, kind thoughts towards self and others, and helps to clean up that pesky cortisol making us so tired and achy. It kind of has a reputation for what can it not do??? A bit of a designer herb, yes, it too helps with clear skin.

Lemon balm is a social charmer. It brings a light, playful energy that compliments the winds of change in this season and it speaks volumes to the inclusive graces of Libra.
Rose is the Justice of Love, a timeless Venusian treasure. Butterfly Pea speaks to the spirit of the social butterfly, has been known to appeal to the pineal gland & the nourishing the intellect. It also provides a thought provoking visual, an enticing cerulean color.
Orange Peel adds sophisticated depth to this fragrant & enjoyable blend, and kidney support. The taste and the downward movement of this plant helps to ground the body & mind throughout this floaty season.

Organic Ingredients: Tulsi, Lemon Balm, Butterfly Pea Flower, Rose, Orange Peel

This tea is limited edition and will last either through Libra season or until sold out. The herbs in our Monthly Teas are determined by our own garden’s harvest and what we have available. There is a true syncing of the seasons at play.