Capricorn Monthly Sun Tea


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This monthly tea feeds the wisdom body & involves all earth elements. It is fuel for your bones with the embers of minerals to get you through the deepest dark night. It is stabilizing, immune boosting, physically fortifying, and grounding to the dreamers. As we enter our winter season, we open the doors for longevity, daring the stoic to relax into letting go, & soak into the quiet spaces where gifts inherently cultivate their relations. The stabilizing qualities of this tea center in supporting the spirit and its transformational processes. It’s holding quality is in physical resilience.

This solution is here to transcend thoughts into nourishment, settle into your body’s gentle unctuous currents, loosen & warm stiff Capricorn joints, & remind you to not overwork!


Find in our tea section or seasonal section of our shop. It is only available during Capricorn season or until supplies run out 🙂