Aries Monthly Sun Tea


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Our Aries Sun Tea is formulated to balance out the heated initiators of the zodiac – our dear Rams of Mars. This tea dries up the soppiness leftover from sticky Winter & Pisces season, while also processing cortisol levels in the body that come from stress. Drink this to celebrate clearing excess boggy energy and alleviate congestion in the brain from too much doing. It helps stoke the passionate presence of a motivated, confident leader, a well balanced Aries. This tea is a reminder to pay attention to how you approach things! It encourages directness, but with the ease of water and the eyes of a newborn. Skullcap is a cooling nervine tonic that draws protection & relaxation to the noggin while promoting physical ease in the extraneous. Nettles symbolizes full circle Mars energy. It awakens, cleanses, & revitalizes our energy centers & adrenals. Moving into the Spring season, this is helpful. Dandelion Root is a cooling & stimulating detoxifier, helpful for processing anger that can arise in the liver, and pulling down the steamy energy of anger that can collect and make you red in the face. Calendula flower is major fun Sun energy, home of knowing thyself, solar plexus placement, & digestive fire kindling. No matter your astrological sign, you may drink this tea to work with headstrong qualities, the upward energy of anger, and encourage a natural cheerful clear headed disposition. Imagine the Sun coming out to thaw the remainder of Winter’s frost and a baby freely giggling in a cool shady place on a Spring day.

Ingredients: nettles, roasted dandelion root, calendula, skullcap