Bull Nettle Flower Essence




Bull Nettle Flower Essence helps you step outside of your ego and get in touch with your higher power, the all-seeing guide. It is for those that need to bear witness to what is holding them back from change & for those whose thoughts move a million miles per minute. By entering moments of surrender, you can get out of the way of yourself and call in the flow of what naturally needs to happen. Take this essence to enhance self-awareness and become more familiar with the harmony of subtle energies in your body. It is a wonderful ally for breath work. Bull Nettle will call in your guides and help you access meditative states of emotional intelligence. Bull Nettle is also protective to your spirit and a good boundary support.

Bull Nettle Flower Essence works with the Crown Chakra and with higher states of consciousness. The location for this energy center is the top of the head.

Part of the Hill Country Essences Kit.

A flower essence is the vibrational memory of a flower in spring water. Our essences are preserved with 20 percent organic cane alcohol. Flower essences are a wonderful support for emotional growth.

These Essences are a potent remedy and only a few drops (1-4) are needed at a time.
You can take them internally or externally for extra support throughout the day.