Silverleaf Nightshade Flower Essence




The dexterous heart is the source of connection and true love. It can travel to un-ending highs & lows and is a refuge for wholeness. We are meant to walk with us through life’s cycles so that we can unapologetically embody the full expression of our soul in this life. This essence asks you to remember the original spark in your heart that enlivens you wherever you are. It is an invitation to be fluid by empowering you in liminal spaces & scars. This essence is helpful for those who feel loss, yet could benefit from feeling the joy & renewal that can exist simultaneously. Our heart is elastic and Silver Leaf Nightshade is here to remind us we can make it though all things.

Silverleaf Nightshade Flower Essence works well with the Heart Chakra and the lungs.

Part of the Hill Country Essences Kit.

A flower essence is the vibrational memory of a flower in spring water. Our essences are preserved with 20 percent organic cane alcohol. Flower essences are a wonderful support for emotional growth.