Pulsatilla Flower Essence by La Abeja Herbs



Pulsatilla (Anemone pulsatilla) is an ethereal, pale purple flower covered in a fine layer of fuzz, causing it appear almost as if it were a hologram or something existing not entirely in this dimension. Pulsatilla flowers vary in appearance—some with “petals” completely open, greeting the forest and passersby with open arms, while others are closed to the world in the shape of a tulip, as if shy and hiding. This is part of Pulsatilla’s medicine. Often in life we don’t know when to open or close ourselves or our Hearts. It is a challenge to strike a balance between being receptive to the world & protecting ourselves from harm. Pulsatilla teaches us to find that balance—to show up and engage with the outer world fully as well as to know when the time has come to find all we need within. Pulsatilla is also a very good medicine for resolving grief and gently dislodging stuck emotions. Whether you find yourself drowning in an ocean of tears or unable to shed a single one, Pulsatilla will always point you toward the middle way, the healing way.

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