Pink Yarrow Flower Essence by La Abeja Herbs




Pink Yarrow Flower Essence is my top herbal recommendation for introverts, empaths, and HSPs. When describing it to clients, I often refer to it as boundaries in a bottle. Pink Yarrow allows us to have love, compassion, and empathy for others while maintaining our energetic boundaries. It is also helpful for folks who internalize their environment or take on the feelings of those around them. If you often leave social situations feeling depleted—Pink Yarrow is for you.

It is also an excellent flower essence for healers, teachers, caregivers, service industry professionals, and anyone else whose work involves being immersed in other peoples’ energies. This essence brings us back in touch with the essential human need to care for and nourish ourselves before offering our gifts to the world. It reminds us that meeting our own needs has to come first, or all that we give to others will be coming from a place of emptiness.

1/2 oz

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