Rainbow Lantana Flower Essence




The Root Chakra is a good place to face fear & scarcity, but also to establish stability, security, and abundance. Like unconditional love, lantana can be found in bloom almost year round. Against strickening cold or oppressive heat, it attracts the butterfly’s spirit through all seasonal changes. This essence is resilience and reminds us to engage with what feels steady. Lantana helps you dismantle the destructive attachments which make you doubt yourself. It also engineers a positive destruction in order to release harmful ingrained patterns. This essence helps you say goodbye to outworn karmic ties and encourages you to manifest turning over a new leaf. Lantana may speak loudly to those who feel on the fringe and are exhausted. It can help one to feel more welcome in the world and more welcoming to life’s changes.

Rainbow Lantana Flower Essence is for the Root Chakra. This energy is rooted at the base of the spine, the soles of our feet, a part of our adrenals, and is our deep inner core. It is about making friends with the energies that ground us.

Part of the Hill Country Essences Kit.

A flower essence is the vibrational memory of a flower in spring water. Our essences are preserved with 20 percent organic cane alcohol. Flower essences are a wonderful support for emotional growth.