Pomegranate Flower Essence




Pomegranate Flower Essence resonates in the Sacral Chakra, one’s sweetest abode, the original life-sustaining energy behind sexual impulse. As a regenerator of fertility and a mecca for creativity, it is a profound essence for pouring into your intentions and watering the seeds to grow. It romances mystery. There is ancient magnetism in this intimate dance. The relations to the past are in the womb; this is also a sacred place to sit with your deep ancestral work. This essence encourages you to forgive yourself and your relations. When you do this, you potentially free yourself and dissolve guilt. Work with this to nurse your sexual health & open up to the nourishing & joyful energies in your relationships.

Part of the Hill Country Essences Kit.

A flower essence is the vibrational memory of a flower in spring water. Our essences are preserved with 20 percent organic cane alcohol. Flower essences are a wonderful support for emotional growth.