Ghost Pipe Flower Essence by La Abeja


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Ghost Pipe’s medicine is one that supports the liminal moments of life, those in between states when we are in the midst of becoming. It helps us to make peace with death, with our own small cycles of decay and deterioration and in doing so, honoring the life that lives itself through us. Ghost Pipe Flower Essences widens the field of vision, allowing us to glimpse that which lies just beneath the surface of this world. It creates a space of possibility for many things to be true at once. For this purpose, it can be called upon as an ally in spaces of conflict, both inner and outer, for honoring the truth that exists in many perspectives simultaneously. Ghost Pipe is also helpful in finding resolution with shadowy aspects of one’s past that cannot be processed with others, but instead must be worked through internally.

It is also an essence that inspires stewardship of systems, inner and outer — ranging from ecosystems to our own bodies. It helps once to see and understand the patterns and cycles of the self and the soil. This essence can be brought into the wildlands and offered to plant roots and trees as a way to honor the vast web of mycelial life which lies beneath the Earth’s surface. Ghost Pipe offers us a similar gift as humans — a rare glimpse of the interwoven tapestry of the web of life of which we are all a part.

Made and offered as a flower essence in hopes that people who reach for this remedy rather than a tincture which requires exponentially more plant material to produce, and is a rare medicine to truly be in need of. We pray that the single stalk and blossom harvested in service, will bring greater sensitivity to those gathering wild medicine, a reminder that life as we know it hangs in delicate balance and that we are responsible to it. May we use this as an ally when gathering the wild foods and medicines we use to sustain life, so that we remember always that it is a gift to be alive, a gift to receive nourishment. Take nothing for granted, or take nothing at all.

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