Full Moon Ritual Tea



Full Moon Tea is a part of our Moon Teas Collection.
Water is transformed by the highs and lows of the moon and so is our body. Our moon tea collections encourage you to work within the ritual cycles of the moon.

What is full moon energy?
Full moon energy symbolizes the visibility of the powers that be. It is when instincts are lit and we feel active.  It is a sacred time to witness what’s heightened, buzzy, energetic, aroused, magnified, and wild. Let it all pour through you.

When the moon is completely full, it’s an energetic pinnacle of whatever you started when the sun and the moon united at the new moon. If you are working ritually within the moon’s cycles, it is a relevant time to review where you are in your highest intention and what you are working towards. After this spotlight, as the moon wanes, it’s a continual shedding of anything that doesn’t feel right. The full moon is not a time to overwork or overstress so this formula is meant to cater to that, allowing whatever needs to flow, to move through you.  We recommend tapping into your playful mind as you witness what arises.

This tea nourishes the body fluids and grounds you. In astrology, the Moon can represent the fluids of body. If there is a sense of fullness present, this is normal. This tea works its magic to embody the bright playful energy of the shining moon but also tethers one to the ground and the heart of what truly matters, being present.
The energy of this tea is that of fresh snow melt collecting into a fresh body of water at the base of a mountain. It is full of the star’s playful energy and yet at peace.

Full Moon Suggestion: Steep this tea for 15 mins in boiled water. We recommend making this moon tea by placing your infusion outside under the moon to absorb the light reflecting from the moon. While you wait, we suggest looking at your journal or revisiting the new moon intentions and just simply witnessing where you are at in that process – more than anything, just try to allow things to move through you. The prompt challenge is to see if you can allow a playful stance towards any resistance. <3

Organic // lemongrass, hibiscus, calendula, dandelion root