New Moon Ritual Tea


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New Moon Tea is a part of our Moon Teas Collection.
Water is transformed by the highs and lows of the moon and so is our body. Our moon tea collections encourage you to work within the ritual cycles of the moon.

What is New Moon Energy?

New Moon is a time to connect to your own taproot.

During a new moon, the stars soak wisely in the darkness. They exemplify how to open our mind’s eye, find our desires in stillness, enjoy the fruits of our labor, gloat in meditation, extract values in the unknown, and listen to that moon language. They remind us that the void is sensual, awkward, fresh, ancient, receptive, and AWAKE. During this time we are so close to everything, and we only have to listen.

During new moons we drink this New Moon Tea, whisper our callings into the star families, conjure our voluptuous visions that are unearthing our raw reflections.

It is a lovely time to meditate, journal, create affirmations, and plan your next moves.

This tea is made to harmonize with this space and time. It can be drank anytime of the month however. It may simply offer a nudge to remember the kindness of a pause and receive nourishment.

New Moon Suggestion: Steep this tea for 15 mins in boiled water, meditate while waiting, write down intentions for the coming month and ask for assistance realizing them. <3

Organic // Evening Primrose, Rose, Skullcap, Tulsi

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