2 oz Butterfly Pea Flower Lime Lemongrass Powder – Caffeine-Free Botanical Powder by Rishi Tea



Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers are native to Thailand, Malaysia and can be found in other parts of Southeast Asia. The flowers have a high content of anthocyanin, a beneficial antioxidant. The flowers have a nootropic effect and may trigger vivid dreams, enhanced memory and brain function. Butterfly Pea Flower Powder is created with a special evaporative extract process resulting in a soluble powder that easily dissolves into a wide variety of beautiful café and mixology drink applications.

Organic butterfly pea flower extract powder, organic tapioca syrup.

Sold by the ounce.

2 Tbsp
100 degrees F
Add directly to application to be shaken or blended or stir into 1-2 ounces rain warm water to make a concentrate
7 1 tbs servings