Aquarius Monthly Sun Tea


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Aquarians remind us to embrace the erratic yet rise to emotional maturity, teaching us about the give and take in this world, a fresh take on healthy non-attachment. The butterfly effect on each other can be like soft winds of innovation, we can only hope we rise to the pause where we feel our greater connection at large. We want this tea to help you sit with yourself, as an individual, and the big picture visions you have.

This tea holds relaxing nervines, lifting the weight of the world like it has super powers, and yet centering you upon your earthly connections and those ruminations. Like a weighted cape for the flighty, this cape is tethering and protective, yet encourages you to mingle sweetly in the flight that happens when you ride the current.

If you are feeling detached or distant this blend can sing something to you as well.

Ingredients: Lemon balm, Wood betony, Rose, Hawthorn leaf & flower, yarrow flower essence.