Herbs for Recovery: What We’re Just Now Learning About Addiction and Substance Abuse. Class 1 on Alcohol Abuse (Recording)



Whether you are years into a sober journey, freshly forging your path to recovery, or maybe just starting to question your relationship to alcohol and/or other addictive substances, this class series will provide you with the knowledge and tools to support positive change in your life. Join us as we examine the physiological and psychological elements of addiction and substance abuse amidst the uncertainty of 2020.

Rooted in an East-West perspective, Dr. Nicole Finkelstein will provide a series of botanicals and nature-based techniques that can assist your body and mind in any stage of your personal recovery: Protection and Disease Prevention, Suitable Substitutions, Cell Regeneration and Damage-Reversal, Spiritual Healing and Trauma Care.

This particular class in the series focuses on alcoholism as an abused substance in our communities and in the media.

Rate: Pay What You Can: $15-$35 per class.

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