Cycle-Syncing – Recording


Positive transformation can be easy when you tailor your daily regimens to the ebb & flow of your unique monthly cycle!

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The patriarchy has constructed a system that works against female physiology, ultimately setting women up to fail. From the 40-hour work week to daily schedule demands, our entire Western culture is built on a foundation that serves the needs and hormonal cycles of the male body. As women continue to gain traction in our modern civilization, they are often left feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and incapable of achieving a healthy work-life balance.
However, through awareness, change is possible!

In this class, we will do a deep-dive into the four phases of the female monthly cycle to learn how we as women can bio-hack our way to harmony: by syncing-up our diet, exercise, herbal regimens, work schedules, and social life to our hormonal rhythms.

Class taught by Dr. Nicole Finkelstein, DOM, LAc, RH of Herban Austin!
Nicole is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, Registered Herbalist, and Master Gardener who was raised as a naturalist on her family’s strawberry farm in rural Ohio. She spent much of her childhood exploring the plant kingdom and absorbing botanical remedies passed down through generations of Appalachian healers.

With over a decade of Western and Eastern herbal study & practice, she recognized a need within the rapidly growing field of modern herbalism. Nicole started Herban Austin to meet the demand for local, sustainable medicinal while offering resources and education for the local community and fellow niche growers. She is an educator at the Wildflower School of Herbal Medicine and local herb shops in Central Texas.