Food of the Gods: Crafting Your Own Medicinal Chocolates Recording


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Join Leighla Molina of Corazon Verde Yerbas and learn how to craft medicinal chocolates!
In this class we will talk about the rich history of chocolate, it’s medicinal benefits as well as medicinal plants and mushrooms that pair well with its rich taste. At the end, we will get to make our own! You can always give these treats as a gift to loved ones or simply enjoy them on your own.

This class took place on Zoom in December of 2020 and can be downloaded anytime, anywhere! Below is a list of supplies to obtain so you can craft your chocolates from your kitchen along with the recording.

Supplies needed:
•A medium sized Pyrex bowl
•A medium sized pot
•1 (or two) silicone molds to pour the chocolates into
Main Ingredients:
•1-2 bags of chocolate chips (use whichever you prefer—I like to use the kind that are dairy free and at least 60% cacao)
•1 medium sized jar of honey or maple syrup
•Unrefined coconut oil (do not use fractionated coconut oil)
•Powdered herbs to choose from: turmeric, maca, rose, ashwagandha, powdered mushrooms such as Reishi, turkey tail, chaga or cordyceps.
Optional ingredients:
•Edible flowers: Rose petals, calendula petals, Nasturtium flowers, borage, honeysuckles, elder flowers, lavender, dandelion flowers
•Edible leaves: Nasturtium leaves, lemon balm leaves, sorrel, dandelion leaves, or whatever you have access to
•Sea salt, or Himalayan salt
•Chile powder
Once you’ve gathered these ingredients you are ready for class!

Leighla is an indígena chicana herbalist who has been studying the magic and medicinal uses of plants for 6 years, and studied at the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine. She now creates medicine for her small business Corazon Verde Apothecary, where she creates intentional heart-centered offerings. The magic of plants have been a profound part of her never-ending healing journey as well as daily practices of gratitude and meditations.

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