Your Moon Ritual Tea – Menstrual Cycle Support


A delicious tea with caffeine free herbs that creates ease and reduces cramps.


Ingredients: raspberry leaf, chamomile, ginger, hibiscus, motherwort, red clover

Your Moon Tea is formulated to carry you through menstruation with ease & embodiment. Warming herbs support and relax the womb space while helping the body along with its natural flow aka cleansing process. the synergy of these herbs adds calm plus extra vitamins & minerals needed during this time. It’s a gentle hug on your womb.

We hope this tea serves you holistically. We welcome you to take time for you. Moon time is an ideal time for introspection, evaluation of your actions, creativity, release, and renewal.

This tea is a part of our Moon Tea Collection. The Moon Teas are designed to help you align with the natural cycles by inviting you to participate in rituals pertaining to the waxing and waning moon, as well as your own shedding moon time.

We also recommend separately getting nettle leaf by the ounce if you feel like you could use the extra iron support. If you feel like you run a tendency towards anemia, this is especially helpful. Cold infuse your nettles and drink a cup during the day to keep your energy replenished and help balance your blood.