Roll On Deodorant with Coriander, Lemon, & Peppermint by Love Your Mother



Clean, chemical free deodorant is a great way to take care of your body. Our armpits are full of lymph nodes that act as filters for harmful substances in our body. They contain important immune cells that work hard to keep our bodies well functioning. Keep those lymph nodes clean and stress free by not only eliminating harmful deodorants containing chemicals, but by putting helpful and nourishing products directly on your armpits! This has been my favorite deodorant out of all the natural deodorants I’ve tried, both bought and homemade. With ingredients like hydrated bentonite clay, magnesium oil, coconut oil, and colloidal silver your armpits will stay clean and nourished and smelling odor free. Scented with coriander, lemon, & peppermint EO. Also a lil organic, Hawaiian turmeric and local spring herbs. One tiny pictured pebble in each glass container to keep those ingredients mixed together.