Immune Support – Alcohol Free by Wild Hearth & Home



An herbal formula that supports and strengthens the natural immune function.

Take 1-3 droppers three times daily to bolster the body’s natural immune functions and protect your body from invading pathogens.

The immune support blend contains plant allies that are increasingly high in vitamin C. Not only that, but elderberry helps protect your body from invading pathogens. This medicine deeply nourishes your immune system without spiking or exhausting your body’s natural responses. Strengthening your immune system is always important, however with cases of covid-19 continuing to increase it’s not a bad idea to be proactive.

Wildcrafted & Organic Ingredients:
Rosehips, Hibiscus, Elderberry, Astragalus, Lemongrass, Beebalm, Vegetable glycerine.

2 oz