Hydrating and Firming Rose Enzyme Mask by Ritual Union



The elegant scent grounds and calms an overactive mind. This sophisticated combination sloughs off dead skin cells, balances, plumps, and silkens the skin. It is antioxidant rich, aides with removing impurities and digesting dead skin cells while boosting skins supple softness. Mix with a small amount of water to form a paste. Apply thickly to skin and allow to dry slightly. You will feel a tug. Rub or erase it off the skin with gentle circular motions, without being overly concerned about removing all of it. Use a warm and wet rag to gently smear off the remainder.

Organic Ingredients: rose clay, blueberries, gluten free oats, coconut milk, rose, flax seed, grape seed, rhododendron, pink peppercorn.

Amp up the yin replenishment of your mask mask more by adding probiotic yogurt, goats milk, or well strained nut milks. You can also include a dash of your favorite oil for softer skin.

4 oz.