EYECONIC – Earthen Mascara by Terra Stoma



10ml tube with wand

Natural, non-toxic, vegan-friendly, & cruelty-free mascara. Made with plant + mineral based ingredients.

This mascara is made to be high performance, with ingredients you can feel good about putting on your body!

– Non-smudge & dries quickly (so you never have to worry about that pesky “lash stamp” above your eyelid).
– Adds thickness & volume without clumping.
– Stays all day and easily washes off when you’re ready to remove it.

**As with all mascara, replace tube every 3-4 months to avoid bacterial growth.

To promote natural lash health & vitality, wash off with warm water at the end of the day & follow up with the *Brow + Lash Elixir*.