Chrysalis Floral Mist by Sophia Rose



Chrysalis Mist offers a space of calm amidst the chaos. Its gentle scent invites us to slow down and reconnect with the wisdom of our bodies. Formulated with soothing plant essences and floral waters, this essential ally promises to calm circular thinking, quiet the mind, and nurture bright hope in dark times.

Mist your pillow before bed to ease insomnia and invoke sweet dreams, stash a bottle in your car, purse, or desk for moments of overwhelm, and share liberally with restless kiddos, sleepless babes, and anxious animals for a surprisingly instant chill. Highly recommended for empaths, HSPs, neurodivergent folks, and anyone else who feels disoriented in large crowds, big cities, and noisy environments.

Made with essences of Jumping Cholla, Jojoba, Candy Barrel Cactus, Mariposa Lily, Datura, Aspen White Chestnut, Neroli Water, Spring waters, & Grain-Free Spirits.