BRIGHT EYES – Under Eye Serum by Terra Stoma


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6ml Glass roll-on
*One bottle used daily will last a *very* long time before running out*

High density nourishment for delicate tissues.

Infused with Helichrysum & Calendula, and formulated with an assortment of delicious, skin-loving oils and extracts. A beautiful, luxuriating elixir to help you feel cared for!

This roll-on is a great addition to your daytime or nighttime routine, packed with carefully selected ingredients to nourish delicate undereye tissue, reduce puffiness, minimize fine lines & wrinkles, and lighten dark circles.

Many of these ingredients are known to increase the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, helping nourish and support our tissues as we age. Sun exposure, among other things, is a major contributor to undereye skin damage. This formula contains a small amount of naturally occurring SPF, making it a great daytime companion.

Helichrysum & Calendula work together to take down puffiness and inflammation, assist with the skin’s regenerative abilities… and keep the light in our eyes shining bright!

*Pro Tip: Since one bottle lasts so long, feel free to use on other areas of the face that need a little extra love & nourishment… including the lips! Make sure skin is *clean* to prevent transfer of bacteria.

For best results, use daily. Gently apply to undereye tissue in the morning, or at night before bed. If using before bed, apply oil closer to the bone below your eye (this allows your undereye tissue to naturally absorb the oils without getting in your eye).

*NOTE: This oil has a slight tint to it, so you may want to lay a small towel over your pillow or use a non-white pillowcase to avoid staining.