Health & Wellness Coaching

Sarah partners with those who are seeking to enhance their well-being through self-directed, lasting behavior changes that are aligned with their values. In the course of work together, Sarah holds an unconditional positive regard for her clients and a belief in their capacity for change, honoring the fact that each person is an expert on their own life, while ensuring that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental.

Sarah Nielsen – Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Sarah Nielsen (she/her/they) is a board certified health & wellness coach with over 15 years of experience in health & wellness education. 

In her 10 year coaching career, Sarah has partnered with hundreds of clients from all walks of life on their health journey as they create lasting and sustainable changes to their lives. She specializes in working with adults wanting to improve their wellbeing, particularly those who have recently experienced a health scare or received a chronic condition diagnosis. No goal is too big or too small. 

Sarah began her private practice as a result of following her passion to improve the lives of others through health education. Her unique coaching approach leverages lifestyle medicine, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, nature-based insights for personal growth, and self-compassion.  

Remote and In-Person sessions available. Schedule a free 20 minute Consultation or Introductory Session 

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