Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions are offered by Brandi. Yoga Therapy is offered by Kelly Marshall. Please book by contacting either people for your needs.

Kelly Marshall – Yoga Therapy

Kelly Marshall specializes in creating a safe space of healing and empowerment for individuals.

Kelly Marshall is a lifelong student of yoga, massage, Reiki, and the esoteric. They have first-hand experience of the therapeutic powers of yoga & extensive anatomical training. They received training from the IYT Yoga Therapist training at Kripalu, delving into the myriad tools, techniques, and philosophies of yoga as medicine. They utilize a diverse array of techniques and tailors each session to the individual’s needs and wants. Additionally, each session incorporates emphasis on tapping into the nervous system of each client via verbal breathing and embodiment cues (as in Yoga). What they offer is unique and unlike most other massage experiences.

Their rates for massage and yoga therapy are the same: $85/hr.

Brandi Perkins – Private Yoga

Brandi has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years now. She has been teaching for almost ten years. She is a lifelong student of yoga and is currently continuing education to be a yoga therapist through the Practice Yoga Austin Yoga Therapy Program.

Private yoga is catered to you and your needs. What we do is based on what you can do. We can take a look at poses to make them more accessible to you and your body type. We also can apply breath work and meditation. Often times a private yoga class is really helpful for beginners, those wanting to hone in on a home practice catered to them, and people looking at certain challenges in their practice. It is helpful for those looking for more attention to their practice.

Brandi’s rates for private yoga are $85/hr. You can book a solo or group session. She offers regular studio Vinyasa classes at Practice Yoga Austin at 6 pm on Tuesdays and 9 am on Wednesdays. These classes are donation.

Too book a session, please email Brandi at

Thank you!

Studio Rental

Our back space is for rent for your own private session or event. Find more info here.