Herbal Consultations

In our herbal consultations, we design a custom health plan that meets you where you are at.

It involves plants and other techniques to support your innate resilience in mind, body, & spirit.

What to expect?

These consultations are holistic. They address current health concerns as well as the whole spectrum of your health history.

Your health plan is designed to meet your unique needs and abilities. Every single person is different and life is constantly in flux, so no one protocol will ever be the same.

We are not here to treat or diagnose, however we can compliment modern day medicine and offer you insight into the root cause of imbalance.

We all have our blind spots. Working with a practitioner helps illuminate those & re-pattern imbalances we may not be able to see on our own.

You do not need to be in crisis for an herbal consultation to serve you,

although we can address acute situations that arise. Our consultations include Preventative Medicine – a proactive approach to support everyday health and well-being, aka resilience!

We currently offer socially distanced in-person consultations or virtual consultations! Please scroll down to see our list of skilled practitioners and choose someone who resonates with you. We are a healing network!

We look forward to working with you.

Additional Clinical Herbalists

Click through to book with these skilled practitioners who also practice out of Earth Commons!

Lauren Peterson of White Deer Apothecary


We serve many different people and backgrounds. We aim to serve those underserved and those who don’t always see themselves in the room in the health and wellness industry.

We are open to sliding scale options if you are in need. Please send us an email at ourearthcommons@gmail.com so we can discuss.

Join Our Team

We are always open to bringing in new practitioners who can benefit the Earth Commons community and serve Austin as a whole. We are particularly dedicated to providing an inclusive space. We welcome queer, trans, BIPOC, and long-time East Austin residents to practice out of our space.

This opportunity serves you to create lasting relationships, to co-create in building + nurturing community. We offer a very affordable rate, client connection, referral networks, and easy access to high quality herbs for you and your clients. It is a lovely way to build your practice and your relationships. We also offer free membership services to you because ultimately, community enrichment is what matters most. We know if you are on this path you are dedicated to growing and learning from one another. It’s a beautiful collaboration.

Please email us at ourearthcommons@gmail.com to learn more.