Clearing Spaces Within

Clearing space can assist with resetting and stabilizing energies making way for optimal growth.

Jennifer Holbrook

Space & Personal Clearing – Spiritual Coaching

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Space and Personal Clearings

People often have awareness when there are disruptive energies around them but are unsure what to do next. When present in your personal space (physical body space) or home/property environments, these energies can create personal stagnation, and at times exacerbate emotions that may be difficult to experience and manage on a consistent basis. I have expertise in clearing spaces and will work with you to clear and reset your space for optimal growth and opportunities.

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching will be mindful and respectful regarding your personal beliefs systems. The goals are to assist and support you in accessing YOU, the most valuable asset in your life. I assist you with identifying and shifting any pieces that are in your way, so you can further develop in your individual body, mind and spiritual growth. I specialize in working with individuals in recovery from addictions of all kinds. Oftentimes, these individuals find themselves stagnant in their recovery; spiritual coaching can be the reset and support needed to reconnect to one’s recovery path.