At Earth Commons we offer several kinds of one-on-one holistic services: herbal consultations, health/spiritual coaching, counseling/therapy, massage, reiki, tarot, and private yoga sessions.

Please browse the services below and click through to learn more about each service. There you can schedule with one of our skilled practitioners.

Holistic Herbal Consultations

Receive a custom health plan to support your innate resilience in mind, body, & spirit. It involves plants, food, energetic support, and other natural healing techniques.  This is a space to feel warmly received and heard.

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Bodywork is any therapeutic technique that works with the human body, structurally or energetically. The practitioners at Earth Commons offer massage, reiki, cupping, yoga therapy, & ashiatsu.

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Therapy Services with a variety of approaches.

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Private Yoga

Private Yoga & Yoga Therapy allows an individual to gain heightened awareness & one-on-one guidance surrounding personal goals for embodiment, healing, strength, and/or meditation in themselves & their practice.

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Clearing Space / Spiritual Coaching

Mindful and respectful regarding your personal beliefs systems. The goals are to assist and support you in accessing YOU, the most valuable asset in your life. Clearing space can assist with resetting and stabilizing energies making way for optimal growth.

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