Spiritual Alchemy & the Art of Distillation


with Esther Schroeder
Sunday September 19th 2-4 pm

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With Esther Schroeder of Essentia Organica.

When: Sunday September 19th 2:00-4:00 pm
Where: Earth Commons – 813 Springdale Road

Spiritual Alchemy & the Art of Distillation

Spiritual Alchemy is the conscious journey of Self transformation . The stages of our internal process of evolution will be analyzed according to the philosophy of ancient Alchemy.The distillation of lavender essential oil will be demonstrated in class. This distillation process will be associated to the distillation of our personal self in order to accelerate our evolution.

Esther Schroeder has a bachelor degree in Engineering Science. She has been devoted to the study of philosophical and practical alchemy for 10 years. She is passionate about traveling the world and embracing nature and human diversity.

This class is in person. Spots are limited. You will be required to bring a mask, water, and a blindfold for meditation.