Esoteric Services

Santos Suerte Healing offers healing services rooted in teachings of Curanderismo along with Esoteric services through intuitive card readings and mediumship sessions. Santos Suerte Healing prioritizes inclusivity, comfortability, and  accessibility for all by offering discounted rates for Folxs who identify as Black, Brown, Indigenous, People Of Color. 

Alyssa Acosta – intuitive card readings, mediumship, platicas + light energy clearings

My main focus is ancestral connection, healing, and veneration. The main modalities I use are teachings of curanderismo, indigenous healing traditions of mesoamerica, focusing on healing body, mind, and soul. Before starting/closing any session both the client and myself will open the space together with a short guided meditation/prayer to protect the space and ensuring them that they are safe. 

Intuitive Card Readings can broken down into 30,60,90 minutes. 

All mediumship sessions are usually between 30-45minutes

All platicas are 45-50 minutes followed by a 5-10 minute energy clearing.

* For New Clients I recommend a 30 minute Intuitive Card Reading *

30min ICR: $70,

60min ICR: $100,

90min ICR: $130.

Mediumship session: $95.

Platicas+light energy clearings: $80.

*Folxs who identify as BIPOC will receive a discounted rate for sessions*

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