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Explore the practitioners below to find a fit for you. Here you will find reiki, coaching, and space clearing. They offer their services separate from Earth Commons so please reach out to them directly to book your service.

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Often we humans are very accustomed to being able to pinpoint issues, or identify concrete things in our world we need or want to change. When we get to the point where that information is not clear to us on our own, many go looking for answers or sometimes just information to assist us.

I would be defined as a skeptical mystic, Reiki Master, and I hold a masters in counseling psychology, and have other traditional trainings as well.
I have questioned and attempted to learn and to understand things about us – the humans – and about the mystical things – things that do not fall under traditional definitions or understanding – my entire life.
My energy work “speciality” is in clearing spaces – locations, homes, offices, rooms, properties and in assisting to clear energy blockages and/or attachments with people or energy.


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