Breathwork & Trauma Coaching

Based on your specific needs, Laura integrates concepts and tools derived from psychology, somatic work, neuroscience, spirituality, and her own personal experience to release the mental and physical symptoms caused by unresolved trauma. She believes that although trauma is a fact of life, it does not have to be a life sentence, and it is possible to live a life of your wildest dreams.

Laura Bales – Trauma Coach and Breathwork Guide

Laura is a certified Trauma Coach, yoga teacher, and breathwork guide with a deep passion for creating a safer space for others to heal unresolved trauma from a somatic, whole-person perspective. She strongly believes in the importance of using the mind-body connection when working with trauma and her approach uses multiple modalities. Laura is a trauma survivor and her work is influenced by her own personal experiences and healing journey. 

It’s my goal to help my clients make sense of their story, understand the recovery process, reconnect with themselves and the world while using their strengths to build a life they love. It’s my mission to help you live an authentic and fulfilling life.”

Sliding scale, pay what feels right for you. $65, $75, $85 for one-hour sessions.

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