An ancient healing practice of health and wellness that is tailored to each individual’s constitution, imbalance and holistic therapy.

Iva Drtina HallAyurvedic Health Practitioner

Iva’s way is to be able to help initiate the process of transformation within every being. Her interest in health, nutrition and alternative medicine began when she studied Physiology and Health Management at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Iva’s extensive travels throughout Asia, North  America, Europe and Australia had broadened her view of different cultures, philosophies and traditions. She spent many years living and working in Japan, teaching cross cultural awareness, running a cafe-lounge with her husband in Tokyo and teaching Yoga. Her experiences and her studies opened the doors to many new healing modalities such as fasting, cleansing, vipassana meditation  and Ayurveda, which she incorporates into her wellness programs as well as wellness retreats and Trainings internationally and in Austin. She guides people to learn about themselves in a loving and non judgmental way so they can heal themselves.

“I hope to empower my clients with knowledge and understanding so they can cultivate their awareness of self and learn to heal themselves.”

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